Welcome to RethinkingHealth! I am excited to have you visit and join me in cultivating a new perspective on health. One that promotes a healthy skepticism towards conventional notions about health. One that empowers, inspires and motivates. I hope this will become a new stomping ground for you. Welcome!

Me? I am a reformed corporate girl who is passionate about living a long and vibrant life (aspiring to 114), a life with a significant and positive impact. I consider good health essential, exceptional health attainable, and believe cultivating it can be great fun! I can add plenty of capital letters after my name, including BSE, MBA, CPCC, but not MD. And, though, professionally I dispense a lot of useful words, insights, and information, I cannot dispense pills nor write prescriptions. Let’s see, what else…

I love and cherish health.
I love food or more accurately, I love eating food.
I love feeling good … and looking good … and being told I look far younger than my years.
I thrive on having choices and making choices.
I love feeling light … literally and metaphorically… feeling and being alive.
I adore cause and effect.
I love treating my body right … and sometimes, just treating myself.
I hate being misled, misinformed, duped.
I love science, facts, and proof.
I am addicted to reading…and hunting down the truth.
I love cooking, baking, blending, chopping…
I love being in service to others and inspiring.
I love being inspired.
I love sharp knives and bubbly water.
I love unleashing untapped potential … yours … and mine.
And … I love my dark chocolate.

This is a site devoted to the above.

This is a site dedicated to those who want:
More energy – to feel lighter, be leaner; to feel well and be well … to feel and be powerful!
More life – in years and in aliveness
More control over their future and don’t want to fear it. More candles on the birthday cake don’t have to equate to more aches and pains, wrinkles, drugs in the cabinet, trips to the doctor, or even time to do simple things like walk down the street.
More purpose – to live more fully, more intentionally, more passionately
More truth – to rethink conventional “wisdom” on health, the truth on how to pursue health, and what it takes to perpetuate it

I sincerely believe that equipped with the right information, with inspiration, with community, people will choose health, achieve health, and have fun on the journey. Glad to have you join me!

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