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Gobi Aloo & Chana Masala (v)
Gobi Aloo is an Indian style cauliflower and potato dish that’s extremely comforting and worthy of being considered vegan comfort food! Chana Masala is an Indian Chickpea Stew and also extremely comforting! This recipe had a wonderfully unique, Christmas-y taste to it, probably from the cinnamon and cloves.

What is your comfort?

Recipe for the Chana Masala from The Candle Cafe Cookbook Gobi Aloo & Chana Masala

Recipe for Gobi Aloo passed from my friend, Susan, from and posted below.
1T vegetable oil
1t cumin seeds Gobi Aloo & Chana Masala
1t minced garlic
1t ginger paste
2 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
1/2t ground turmeric Gobi Aloo & Chana Masala
1/2t paprika
1t ground cumin Gobi Aloo & Chana Masala
1/2t garam masala Gobi Aloo & Chana Masala
salt to taste
1lb cauliflower
(optional) 1t chopped fresh cilantro

  1. Heat the oil in a medium skillet over medium heat. Stir in the cumin seeds, garlic, and ginger paste. Cook about 1 minute until garlic is lightly browned.
  2. Add the potatoes. Season with turmeric, paprika, cumin, garam masala, and salt. Cover and continue cooking 5 to 7 minutes stirring occasionally.
  3. Mix the cauliflower and cilantro into the saucepan. Reduce heat to low and cover. Stirring occasionally, continue cooking 10 minutes, or until potatoes and cauliflower are tender.

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