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Pad See Ew (v)
One of my favorite dishes to order at Thai restaurants. Now that I know how simple it is to make, I’m not sure I can ever allow myself to order it at a restaurant again!

Pad See Ew uses chow fun, a flat and wide rice noodle which I bought fresh but is sold dried as well. It also calls for seitan, a wheat gluten product often used to mimic meat; next time I’ll substitute with tofu, dried bean curd, or an extra veggie instead. The veggie called for in the recipe was Chinese broccoli but I used bok choy in this case, which was a fine substitution for taste and texture, but less ideal for color variety since the vegetable is largely white like the noodles.

What do you think?

Recipe from Vegan Yum Yum Pad See Ew

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