thumbs img 1822 Umeboshi Marinated Tofu with Bhutanese Rice
Umeboshi-Marinated Tofu with Bhutanese Rice (v)
Ultra simple dish that’s chock full of taste. The tofu is marinated in a sauce that includes umeboshi paste, sesame oil, mirin, tamari, and scallions for at least an hour. When it’s meal time, heat the tofu in a pan or in my case, an iron-cast skillet, until browned and set aside. Then add pre-cooked Bhutanese rice, sauce from the marinade, and more scallions into the skillet until heated through to create your own “fried” rice.

You can still see the steam rising from the dish in the photo. Quick, easy, and tasty! What’s a favorite quick and easy recipe of yours?

Tofu Recipe from The Candle Cafe Cookbook Umeboshi Marinated Tofu with Bhutanese Rice

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