thumbs img 0009 Banana Freeze w/Chocolate Sauce
Banana Freeze w/Chocolate Sauce (r/v)
Easiest dessert on earth to make! Food-process frozen bananas and drizzle with a chocolate sauce.

Recipe (serves 1)
Banana Freeze: Break 2 frozen ripe bananas into chunks and place in a food processor Banana Freeze w/Chocolate Sauce. Process until smooth.
Chocolate Sauce: mix raw cacao powder Banana Freeze w/Chocolate Sauce, agave Banana Freeze w/Chocolate Sauce and H20 together.

Tip: It’s easy to keep all the necessary ingredients on hand so this treat is always only 5 minutes away.  Also, the riper you let the bananas get before freezing, the sweeter the end product.

Give it a try? Any other easy, healthy desserts out there?

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