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Hachiya Persimmons (r/v)
Hachiya Persimmons are nature’s jello/pudding – just better tasting and actually healthy for you! I love these natural “desserts-in-a-cup,” just slice the top off and eat with a spoon or grapefruit spoon. (Then flip the skin inside out and use hands/teeth to eat what’s left on the skin as you won’t want to waste even a smidgeon of persimmon.) Are you a fan?

The extra bonus is that these types of persimmons are also an excellent way to practice patience. You do NOT want to eat these until they are entirely ripe or your entire mouth will be punished. Seriously. So as enticing as they are, and as difficult as it is to walk by them each day, you must wait until they look translucent or feel like water balloons when you pick them up before eating. Then, and only then, enjoy!

What builds your patience?

Source: Mother Nature

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