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Raw Cacao Shake (r/v)
The perfect quick treat – cool and refreshing.  Takes care of my sugar cravings in a relatively healthy way. Never ceases to bring an immediate smile to my face. What’s quick to bring a smile to your face?

Recipe (serves 1-2)
2 frozen ripe bananas
2c Almond Milk
2t vanilla extract
2T raw cacao Raw Cacao Shake (I imagine you could use regular cocoa powder)
(optional) agave Raw Cacao Shake, stevia Raw Cacao Shake, or other sweeteners if additional sweetness is desired
(optional) raw cacao nibs Raw Cacao Shake – I add these when I want a smoothie with some texture, the nibs break down but not entirely
(optional) superfoods or powders for a extra nutritional value

Place all ingredients in your Vitamix/blender and blend until smooth, usually around 30sec in my Vitamix. If you’re using a less powerful blender, you may need to break the banana into smaller chunks before blending.

Tip: It’s easy to keep all the necessary ingredients on hand so this treat is always only 3 minutes away, simply keep frozen bananas in the freezer and use packaged almond milk that doesn’t have to be refrigerated until open.  Also, the riper you let the bananas get before freezing, the less extra sweetener you’ll need to add which is a good thing.
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